Social work

Social work

We want to translate the love of God in our lives into a comprehensive and caring service for the most disadvantaged people and social groups in our society. And all this through the association “Puerta a la Esperanza”

The Sociocultural Association “Puerta a la Esperanza”, is registered in the Registry of Associations of the Generalitat of Catalonia and in the Municipal Registry of Entities of the Tarragona City Council, was established on 12/02/2014, and has its origin in social action developed by the Evangelical Baptist Church of Tarragona.
As a result of the crisis situation in our city, we created a department within our ecclesial structure and in 2002 the necessary procedures were carried out and the application for aid from EU food surpluses was presented, which was then distributed by the Red Cross and in July 2002 Red Cross Tarragona notifies us of the approval of the request by the Food Commission.
Since then, we have been an Associated Distribution Organization (OAR) in charge of distributing food to the most needy and developing accompanying measures free of charge within the framework of the Operational Program of the European Aid Fund for the most disadvantaged (FEGA)

Our objective is to contribute to the improvement of our society by supporting people who are in a situation of economic and social difficulty.

Our performance is based on good practice criteria in our management, adjusting to the regulatory, ethical and procedural framework within which our social work is carried out.

Our motivation is to be able to help others as part of the social commitment to which our Christian faith leads us.

Activity program

Support individuals and families in situations of social vulnerability, in the form of food, and / or basic material assistance and reinforcing social inclusion.
Promote social commitment, solidarity and collaboration, promoting volunteering and getting involved with the people and society around us.

Collection and delivery of food and personal and household hygiene products

Food, personal hygiene and household products are collected, stored and delivered in batches through the Social Services of the Tarragona City Council.
The food and products that are distributed come from voluntary and private donations from members of the evangelical church, and voluntary contributions from other individuals. Also from the European Aid Fund for the most disadvantaged (FEAD) assigned to us by the Tarragona Red Cross, from the Reus Food Bank. Furthermore, due to the increased need, and that many times the food that we have is insufficient to cover the demand, it is necessary to purchase it from the food entity.

Complementary accompanying measures

We inform you of the closest social resources by handing over the informative triptych prepared by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and equality.
Support for job search, help with the preparation of resumes, information on advice about taking an interview, how and where to look for work, etc.
Support in administrative procedures and procedures.
Delivery of other types of emergency aid according to needs and availability: blankets, clothing, shoes, supplies and materials for baby care, etc.
Inform the social services of personal emergency situations that come to our entity.

Support for campaigns from other social entities in Tarragona

We regularly provide volunteers to the Reus Food Bank for their campaigns (La gran Colecta, El Hambre does not take vacations, etc.)
We collaborate with the Hospital Joan XXIII organizing blood donations in our facilities and spreading it.
We support activities organized by the collection of resources for some entities such as Youth and Life, Dare and others who work in the city giving out their activities (concerts, musicals, etc.)

Active participation in projects of other entities

Participation in the campaign “Operation Christmas Child” that in Spain is channeled through the NGO “Decision” sending shoe boxes with gifts (toys, school supplies, hygiene items and others) for children in need in various countries.
We are the reference entity in Tarragona for this campaign.

Collaboration with children’s entertainment “Tarraconens”

The evangelical church has the “Tarraconens” children’s recess, directed by a social educator who frequently performs playful activities every two weeks, and where a free snack is offered for the children who attend.


The team is made up entirely of volunteers, including professionals from the social sector and also people with a lot of experience in administrative management.
People who invest their time, capabilities, money, effort, without any financial benefit.


Our main resource is volunteering.
Currently we do not receive any subsidy or financial support from any public administration.
Our resources come from voluntary donations from individuals and financial support from the evangelical church.




Calle Monasterio de Poblet, nr. 7 | 43002 – Tarragona



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