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About us

Our identity

We are evangelical or Protestant Christians (that’s how we are known historically) that we believe in Gospel as base of the Christianity. From the historical perspective we are linked to the movement of the Protestant Reform of the S.XVI.
Our church is a Baptist community and belongs to the F.I.E.I.D.E. (Federation of Evangelical Churches Independent of Spain).
Our congregation has an approximate membership of 90 members (neither counts the children nor young people nor adults who are not baptized, since the baptism is an indispensable requirement to take a part as member, such and as Jesus Christ teaches us).

What we believe?

As Evangelical Christians, we accepted the Revelation of the unique God in three people (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) given in Scriptures of the Old and the New Testament, and confessed the historical faith of the Gospel that is proclaimed in its pages.
We affirmed, therefore, the doctrines that we considered decisive to include/understand the faith and that must be expressed in love, in the practical Christian service and in the proclamation of the Gospel:
1.The sovereignty and the grace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost in the Creation, the Providence, the Revelation, the Redemption and the Final Judgment.
2.The divine inspiration of the Holy Scripture, its total credibility and its supreme authority in everything what concerns to the faith and the conduct.
3.The Universal Sin and the culpability of the fallen man who carries the wrath of God and the condemnation.
4.The vicarious sacrifice of the Son of God incarnated, only sufficient foundation of redemption of the culpability and the power of the sin, as well as of its consequences.
5.The justification of the sinner only by the grace of God, by means of the faith in Jesus the Christ, crucified and resurrected from the dead.
6.The work of God the Holy Ghost whom it illuminates, regenerates, lives in the believer and sanctifies him.
7.The priesthood of all the believers who, in the unit of the Holy Ghost, constitute the Universal Church, the Body whose Head is Christ, jeopardizes anywhere in the world by the order of its Lord to the proclamation of the Gospel and to the service of love in the society.
8.The hope of the visible return of our Lord Jesus Christ with power and glory, the resurrection of the dead and the completion of the Kingdom of God.


Pr. D. Samuel García
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Pr. D. Josué Martínez
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Dña. Elvira Montagud
Deacon of Fraternity and Social Activities
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D. Alberto Pérez
Deacon of Maintenance
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D. Miguel Alfaro
Deacon of Administration
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D. Claribeth Muñoz
Deacon of Community
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Dña. Sara Castell
Deacon of Youth
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