Our identity

Our identity

What is the origin of the Baptist Churches?

The Baptist Churches go back to the 16th century, so-called the Protestant reform, specifically to the movement Anabaptist. The Baptist name was adopted in England in the 17th century because they were practicing the baptism by immersion, and this only the people who before gave a profession of personal faith in Christ as his Savior.

But the Baptist history did not begin then; actually, the mentioned churches were the historical successors of those Christian churches who from time apostolic have come defending the use of the Holy Bible as the only rule of faith and practice in the Christian life.

The most important Baptist principles are: The separation of Church – State, the way of congregational government, the promotion of the right of religious freedom and the recognition of the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice.

Those churches, which are Biblical in their doctrine, suffered the persecution throughout the centuries since they did not conform to the majority church (so-called Roman Church).

But God is faithful and always there have been in the land believers ready to risk their own lives for Biblical principles before they were kneeling to the traditions of the men.

When the FIEIDE appears?

FIEIDE was founded in 1957 as a federation of independent Churches, constituted especially by Baptist Churches. The different local Churches have a juridical own personality and act with autonomy. At the same time, they rely mutually and fraternally to carry out activities and projects. The FIEIDE is a member of the International Federation of Free Churches.

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